AMP America was “born” in May of 2017 with just seven like-minded individuals who wanted to explore how we could better people’s lives through progressive policies and initiatives.

Since then, we have grown from that small group to an Executive Committee, a Steering Committee, consisting of 25 prominent city leaders and social activists, and the AMP America Assembly that is growing to number in the hundreds and is dedicated to creating a “loud voice” to fight for social justice and positive change within our city.

While we are involved in supporting national progressive organizations and causes, we believe we must also initiate and support progressive education and legislation in “our own backyard”, involving both public and private partnerships.  Our four areas of focus are:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Job Creation and Training
  • Clean, Renewable Energy
  • Expanded and Improved Healthcare for All and ACA Medicaid

It’s good for our citizens, it’s good for business, and it’s good for our country to have strong, vibrant, and compassionate communities.

AMP America believes in lobbying and educating our Members of Congress so that they have the necessary facts to advocate for bold, progressive policies that benefit all Americans. We support electing progressive candidates on the federal, state, and local level and, once elected, holding them accountable for their decisions, actions, and policies.

We believe in building relationships between our local city and county representatives, our business leaders, and impacted citizens in order to build a city where everyone benefits. Our goal is to provide a “blueprint” for other cities who want to ensure that all residents can lead productive, healthy, and economically viable lives.

“Be the Change You Want to See.”
Mahatma Gandhi

AMP America is "Powered Up and Ready to Go!"

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healthcare for all americans
State Capitol

Powering Up Through the “One Charlotte United” Campaign

In our “blueprint city” of Charlotte, we’ve already made progress through our “One Charlotte United” Campaign in four key areas:

Bring Charlotte Home

We’re creating private-public partnerships to build 35,000 units of affordable housing and fund “first/last” month rent programs for the working poor.



Put Charlotte to Work

We’re addressing joblessness and income inequality and the lack of upward mobility among the working poor and middle class.  We’re working toward guaranteeing a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Turn Charlotte Green

We’ve introduced and are working with the City Council to pass Clean Renewable Energy legislation that will ensure all city vehicles and buildings will be powered by clean energy by 2030.

Make Charlotte Healthy

AMP America supports efforts to work toward expanded and improved Medicare for All as well as introducing legislation demanding the City of Charlotte claim its portion of the $5B in expanded Medicaid funding that the NC legislature is denying the state.