Be Part of the Wave! Volunteer Blue?

AMPD America wants to do all we can to encourage voter participation and to ramp up volunteer efforts to get progressive Democrats elected. We are Progressive Democrats dedicated to voter education, social justice and collaboration with like-minded organizations.


As we are all aware, this coming 2018 midterm elections may be the most crucial of our lifetime.

To that end, we have created a “Voter-Volunteer Resource Guide” that:

1)    Alerts to the opportunity for same-day voter registration during early voting and urges voters to double-check their registration status.

2)    Encourages voters to take advantage of early voting and promotes taking at least five friends to the polls.

3)    Appeals to Democrats to become active volunteers in helping get progressive candidates elected by using the VOLUNTEER BLUE section of the Guide to identify opportunities to get involved in the final stretch.

For ease of use, the VOLUNTEER BLUE section of the guide lists volunteer opportunities by category, i.e. canvassing, phone banking, poll greeting, etc. It’s a consolidated, easy to use, point-and-click tool that makes it convenient for individuals to participate by merely clicking on the desired link that leads directly to the “volunteer page” for any one of several organizations seeking volunteers.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We want to get the “Voter-Volunteer Resource Guide” into the hands of as many people as possible. Therefore, we’re asking that you: 

1) Post it on your Facebook page  and send to your Messenger lists

2) Include it in any other forms of social media you engage in

3) Email it to your contact lists

4) Ask others to distribute to their contacts

Here is the link to the guide, located on our website, that you can use for posting to social media:

Should you have any problems or have questions, please call us at (980) 245-2940 and/or email at

Thank you for your help in this effort and thank you for all the work you do to keep our democracy safe!


AMPD Up and Ready to Go!

The AMPD America Team  

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