AMPing” Up the Fight Against Voter Suppression!

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As we approach the critical 2020 elections, AMP’s efforts are focused on the formation and galvanization of a coalition of progressive organizations and churches across the state of North Carolina to utilize the wealth of information, tools, and tactics developed by “Reclaim Our Vote” to ensure North Carolina’s minority communities exercise their constitutional right to free and fair elections.

Reclaim Our Vote Initiative

Voting rights protection and participation is part of AMP’s foundational values.  Our focus during this critical election year is to partner with other progressive organizations to ensure free and fair elections across the state of North Carolina, especially in communities of color.  

To that end, AMP is joining “The Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Votecampaign, formed to increase voter registration and participation among people of color who have been disproportionately impacted by voter suppression efforts, including voter purging, strict implementation of voter ID laws, reduction in polling places and other tactics.

Why We Chose to Join the Reclaim Our Vote Campaign

Since 2017, the Reclaim Our Vote campaign has garnered tremendous success in improving minority voter registration and turnout across key voter suppression states, including Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and North Carolina. During that time, they have developed and honed tools and tactics that have significantly impacted minority voter education and participation.

For more information on The Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim our Vote Campaign

To learn more, see Reclaim Our Vote FAQ

Watch this impactful video by Brave New Films, SUPPRESSED:  The Fight to Vote, to understand the urgency behind the Reclaim Our Vote campaign.  Be prepared to be shocked that this could happen in our own country.