Moral is a part of our name for a reason! 

AMP (Alliance of Moral Progressives) is dedicated to efforts that contribute to bringing our country back to its moral center, where truth is truth, where politicians serve the people instead of corporate donors, and where American society is built on inclusiveness, equality, compassion, social justice, and economic freedom and justice for all.

Voter and civic education are critical to citizens understanding their rights and the political system. AMP is launching a non-partisan voter awareness project designed to educate citizens on the various branches of government and encourage voter awareness and engagement. Beginning in the fall of 2023 and spanning through the November 2024 elections, the series will be presented in seven (7) easy-to-digest 15-minute modules and will focus on how government works, the different branches of government, what each is responsible for, and how the legislation they pass impacts our everyday lives. The goal is to empower voters to make better and more informed decisions in voting for candidates and issues that best reflect their needs, views, and values.

We invite you to tune in to the series events and “Learn How to Vote for Your Life! In 15 minutes or less.”