AMP was formed in May of 2017 with seven like-minded individuals to explore how we could make a difference and better people’s lives through progressive policies and initiatives.
We have since grown our membership to include thought leaders, progressive activists, and community representatives dedicated to supporting social justice initiatives and creating positive change within our local, state, and federal governments.
Over the years, as a non-partisan organization, we’ve worked in collaboration with many social justice groups to address issues in areas such as Affordable Housing, Climate Change, Healthcare, Criminal Justice and Voter Rights.
In recent years, tremendous changes have been made to voter and election laws that have created confusion and disenfranchised voters.  As a result, AMP has spent the last two years specifically focused on voter education and the importance of voting in EVERY election!

Our Mission

AMP (Moral Progressives of America) is dedicated to educating Americans regarding existing and proposed government policies and legislation to encourage civic engagement, inspire greater participation in the voting process and empower citizens to make better and more informed voting decisions.  We seek to identify and energize initiatives that are in alignment with AMP’s beliefs.   In this regard, we seek to build a broad-reaching alliance of progressive democratic organizations that will benefit our community and nation as a whole through collaboration on voter engagement, civic and legislative issues in order to have a strong, active, and impactful voice in effecting positive change that will benefit our community and nation as a whole.

Our Team