AMPD America – Community?

Our mission and goal are to join forces with our community to fight for social justice and positive change within our city.

We believe in building relationships with impacted citizens in order to build a city where everyone benefits. We endeavor to provide a “blueprint” for other cities who want to ensure that all residents can lead productive, healthy, and economically viable lives.

Our “Bring Charlotte Home” initiative is growing with the support of our former Mayor Jennifer Roberts and inspiration from those impacted by the lack of affordable housing in Charlotte.

Our last meeting at the Belmont Center was inspiring and motivating. We thank former Mayor Jennifer Roberts and everyone for their energy and participation!

AMPD America also believes in fighting for positive change while always remembering to have fun like at the 2018 Puerto Rico festival at Symphony Park in Charlotte. Forming new relationships and sharing common goals is at the core of our progressive values.

AMPD America celebrating diversity and a “united front” at The Puerto Rico Festival.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the Change You Want to See.”

AMPD America is “Powered Up and Ready to Go!”




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